Flag for Nebraska (US-NE) on Emojipedia 11.1 Nebraska Case Information:

Total Confirmed Cases as of 4/30/20: 4,281

Deaths: 70

Local Confirmed Cases by County:

Kimball: 10

Scotts Bluff: 17

Cheyenne: 3

Perkins: 0

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Flag: United States on Apple iOS 13.3U.S. Case Information: 4/30/20: 1.09 Million

Deaths: 63,538

Globe Showing Americas on Apple iOS 13.3Global Case Information:

Total Confirmed Cases as of 4/30/20: 3.25 Million

Deaths: 231,000


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Both state and local health departments are testing and publicly reporting their cases. In the event of a discrepancy between DHHS cases and cases reported by local public health officials, data reported by the local health department should be considered the most up to date.

The federal government led an effort to bring Americans who had been on a cruise ship docked off the coast of Japan to Nebraska for further monitoring, testing and treatment if needed. DHHS is in a supportive role and working closely with federal, state and local partners. The University of Nebraska Medical Center/Nebraska Medicine website  has additional details available.

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