It’s Winter break. Do you know what your kids are doing online? 

Major school vacations, like summer and winter break, are popular times for kids to be using their devices to surf the web. This causes parents’ anxiety to spike about what content kids are accessing online and the amount of screen time spent using devices.

If you find yourself having to pry your child out of bed in the morning after they’ve been up until 3:00AM binging Disney+, it may be time to talk about setting up parental controls on your Wi-Fi network.

With our Managed Wi-Fi, NetValet, you are in charge. NetValet allows you to set “downtimes” on your kid’s devices, while also allowing you to separate Wi-Fi networks into private and guest, which we always recommend for security purposes. If you are wanting to have a tech-free Christmas Eve with the family while you all sip hot chocolate and watch Disney+, you can utilize NetValet and set a downtime from 6:00PM on Christmas Eve through 10:00AM Christmas morning. With the downtime scheduled, you can now enjoy your time together as a family and your kids’ faces can light up with the magic of the holidays – not by the backlight of their devices.

NetValet also provides you with other services including Wi-Fi filtering, which can be done per device. This means that you can control each device individually and set separate permissions for cell phones and smart home devices like Alexa or Nest. Once the kids are back to school, you can re-adjust and set up time blocks, ensuring internet and Wi-Fi are not available after certain hours. Time-blocking removes the temptation for late night social media chats while the parents are sleeping, which may lower the chances of dangerous online activities.

NetValet also allows you to set up content filtering for your kids’ devices, including both iPhone and Android systems. You’ll have the freedom to select what social media platforms you wish to be allowed on specific devices while also being able to filter out obscene or violent content.

You protect what you love and what you’ve worked hard to achieve. You lock your car doors, you lock your front doors, and you track and disable just about any device if it’s stolen. With NetValet, you can protect what is most precious to you – your children.

For more information on NetValet and how it can be bundled with our internet service, please give us a call at (866) 542-6780.