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With our high-speed internet, you’ll want to use Wi-Fi in and around every part of your home. Having reliable Wi-Fi throughout your home can be a challenge, especially if there is a dead spot in an upstairs bedroom, in the garage, in the mancave, by the pool or on your deck. Many devices, including metal appliances, and architectural features in your home,  can cause Wi-Fi interference that hinders your full use of our high-speed internet. With our state-of-the-art Wi-Fi solution, you can boost your network coverage throughout your entire home and ensure you have a great Wi-Fi experience no matter where you are in and around your home!

Why is our Wi-Fi solution the best fit for you?

  • There are dead spots in your home that do not get your router’s Wi-Fi signal

  • Some areas in your home have a slow Wi-Fi signal that prevents content from loading properly

  • You and your family desire Wi-Fi that is as fast as your Internet speed

  • Your home and yard are large and one router does not provide enough signal to cover your desired area

  • You want Wi-Fi inside and outside of your home, including your yard

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